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VOOM Carpool discovers trips planned by friends, notifies other friends and facilitates the carpool creation process.

When the buzzer sounded, the startups moved on to their next meeting or networked with each other.

“I already have relationships with some of the investors here, so I used this opportunity to say hello to them. We are doing a relatively small round of 0,000, and I have already raised half of it so far.” Carrol Barash, founder and CEO of Story2.com, is from South Orange.

She is a typical example of a New Jersey entrepreneur whose business is based in New York City’s “Silicon Alley.” Story 2 teaches people how to tell their stories out loud and how to use the neuroscience of aural storytelling to improve their writing.

spoke to a number of entrepreneurs after they had had meetings with VCs or angels.

Most of the startup founders we spoke to were enthusiastic about the event, especially about the opportunity to meet potential investors.

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